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Washington AFCC is an extension of the international organization of AFCC, an association dedicated to the constructive resolution of family disputes.

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The Washington AFCC is a fully Chartered Chapter in the national organization. We received that distinction in 2012.  

WA AFCC members come together at annual meetings and conferences in our state and join in the international conferences and training programs to create a unique opportunity to belong to a worldwide network of professionals and to participate in an international exchange of information and expertise. AFCC members are committed to developing and refining innovative techniques to assist families in resolving their disputes, including:

  • Custody and Divorce Mediation
  • Parent Education
  • Custody Evaluation
  • Litigation
  • Parent Coordination
  • Child Protection and Dependency Mediation
  • Judicial Settlement Conferences
  • Special Masters and Parenting Coordinators
  • Mental Health Counseling & Forensics
  • Collaborative Divorce
  • Supervised Visitation

WA AFCC Mission Statement (From ByLaws)

The Chapter shall carry out the mission of AFCC at the local level. The Chapter’s mission shall be consistent with that of AFCC and as expressed in these Bylaws.

The mission of  WA AFCC is as follows: AFCC is an interdisciplinary, international association of professionals dedicated to improving the lives of children and families through the resolution of family conflict.  WA AFCC is part of that larger organization and promotes a collaborative approach to serving the needs of children among those who work in and with family law systems, encouraging education, research and innovation and identifying evidence-based practices. Its membership includes judges, lawyers, mediators, evaluators, mental health professionals, academics, researchers, court administrators, and public policy makers.  


WA AFCC is a 501c3 organization that is registered in the State of Washington as a charitable educational community organization. Please consider donating here using the PayPal link in order to assist us in our efforts to help children and families in times of crisis. Your donation assists us in serving to train those who work with families in the court system. We thank you for your kind consideration. 


For More Information about the Washington Chapter, feel free to contact our current President,  Stacy Heard, J.D.

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We are happy to announce registration for our Sixth Annual WA AFCC Conference which will be held 

Saturday, March 25, 2017

"Parents Come in All Sizes and Forms..."

We have two outstanding plenary speakers:

Dr. Marsha Kline Pruett

Embracing the Young Child : Parenting Plans that Stimulate Growth

Bill Eddy, J.D., LCSW, CFLS

High Conflict Parents: Making and Following Parenting Plans

The Afternoon Program includes your choice amongst two sets of 90-minutes workshops (A,B, or C; D,E, or F)

Workshop A: Pragmatics of a Developmental Systems Approach to Parenting Plans: Panel Discussion (Daniel Rybicki,Psy.D., Marsha Kline Pruett, Ph.D., M.S.L, Bill Eddy, LCSW, J.D., and Dennis McGlothin, J.D.)

Workshop B: Attorney and Parenting Evaluator: Collaboration to Best Serve the Modern Family (Jennifer Wheeler, Ph.D. and Stacy Heard, J.D.)

Workshop C: Protecting Children From Conflict (Alyson Jones, MA, RCC, Melisa Ander, M.Ed., RCC)

Workshop D: Unsolvable Problems: Relocation in the 21st Century (Douglas Becker, J.D.)

Workshop E: Crafting Age-Appropriate Parenting Plans (Justin Sedell, J.D., and Jennifer Wheeler, Ph.D.)

Workshop F: Same-Sex Parenting: Legal Questions, Research Needs an Practical Solutions (Wendy Hutchins-Cook, Ph.D., Naomi Oderberg, Ph.D., Joseph Shaub, J.D., LMFT, and Frances Kevetter, J.D.)

There are plans for a Meet the Speakers social hour and Silent Auction. 

And, there is a sumptuous Lunch buffet for an additional fee. This a great opportunity for meeting new colleagues, networking, and chatting with the presenters. 


Use this Link to Access the Conference Page where you can get more information and link for online registration

Looking back to 2015, we held our Fifth Annual Conference on Saturday, March 7th, 2015 at the Washington Athletic Club 

Shared Parenting Predicaments: Washington's Policy and Practice Concerns

Plenary sessions included presentations by several top experts in the field.  Among these notable presenters were attorney J. Herbie DiFonzo, J.D., Ph.D., Professor of Law at Hofstra University and author of two books including Beneath the Fault Line: The Popular and Legal Culture of Divorce in 20th Century America. He is the co-reporter and editor of the AFCC special issue on Shared Parenting which emerged from the AFCC Think Tank (Family Court Review, April 2014). He spoke on Shared Parenting in the 21st Century.

Other presentations included Dr. Mindy Mitnick, Ed.D., M.A. who discussed the Special Needs of Never Married Parents. We also heard from  Christine Coates, J.D., a renowned expert on Parenting Coordination, Mediation, High Conflict and ADR who presented on Parenting Coordination and Other Innovations for High Conflict Cases.

(Mindy Mitnick, Left; Christine Coastes, Right)  

Break Out Afternoon sessions included speakers such as Dr. Carl McCurley, Manager of the WA State Center for Court Research who has published data on the Residential Time Patterns in Washington custody cases. He discussed the updated summary of those results. We also heard from local attorney, Paul Battan, J.D. who described the Interface between Family Law and Criminal Law. And rounding out the sessions was a panel presentation by Alyson Jones, M.A., et al from Vancouver, BC entitled Moving Families Forward: A Coordinated Re-Unification Response to Parental Alienation, Estrangement, and High Conflict.


(Dr. Carl McCurley, left; Paul Battan, J.D., middle, Alyson Jones, M.A., et all, right)

All this exciting training was followed by a wonderful evening of networking and social exchange with speakers and colleagues. 

Our Conference Included a Membership and Networking Luncheon and we had the benefit of an outstanding registration team and a local bookstore to provide immediate access to relevant publications.




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